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Date(s) - 19/11/2019 - 20/11/2019
08:30 - 16:30

Hilton Zurich Airport


As the world of aviation is growing ever more interconnected and digital, both the civil and the military air traffic infrastructure are becoming a prime target for malicious actors. As a true cyber-physical system, in which physical and software components are deeply intertwined, the risks of cyber security incidents that could directly impact the safety of the air traffic system and our society are increasing. Recent investigations by hackers, researchers, and flight authorities have cast doubt on earlier assumptions that the prevalent – and thus far highly successful – culture of safety found in aviation is sufficient and appropriate to address the novel challenges posed by cyber threats.

In light of the possibility of future cyber-attacks, which could have a true kinetic impact on the handling of attacked aircraft or drones, it is crucial to re-examine existing security efforts by the aviation and defense community and combine the viewpoints of various stakeholders including researchers, industry, military flight agencies, civil flight authorities, airlines, airports, manufacturers, and air traffic control.

The Cyber-Defense Campus cordially invites all stakeholders to its inaugural Aviation Cyber Security (AvCS) Conference taking place from 19-20 November 2019 in Zurich. Speakers and technology exhibitors at the AvCS conference are drawn internationally from all areas of industry, academia, military, and government. The discussed topics range from aircraft and air traffic management security, through governmental and regulatory efforts, to the improvement of the ongoing collaboration between all involved stakeholders.

Contact in case of any questions: cydcampus@ar.admin.ch